Chapter 2: Finding the right connections

Published on Oct 9, 2018

In any field, connection with the people matter. The guidance from each connection paves a new way in your life.

When we made our first prototype, we didn’t know how to take it to the market. Thought of various ways but who would validate it. We met various people like households, professors, startups, corporate to find the right mentor.

Finding the right mentor is important and he becomes right when the mentor

  • listens to the intentions
  • encourages us to achieve more
  • have productive discussions.

We planned to get an influential person as a mentor. And finally got one.

Does getting an influential person matter?

Yes, it does only when the above conditions are satisfied. We had to learn this the hard way. We had many discussions with our first mentor but none were fruitful. It’s because he never listened but commanded. None of our interests was taken into account. And no time was spent by the mentor to track the progress. We took this situation to the extent we could and then had to leave this connection.

For our prototype manufacturing, it was a bit different. The process of making the first product was very slow. We didn’t understand the business dynamics and the manufacturer didn’t get the product specialities. We knew this would happen and had to get the right connections to make things happen.

Connections are always important. If the connection has to play a major role, like a mentor, then it must satisfy some ground rules for better communication -

  • The connection must clearly understand what change you want to bring through your products
  • He/ she must be open to discussion and listen to all the opinions available
  • The connection cannot force his passion into your work without your acceptance. It must always be done on mutual agreement.

So, whenever you want a connection to play a major role in the guidance/ growth of your startup, make sure it follows the above conditions. This would help avoid lots of fights and egos within the start-up.

It’s a pleasure to share such information with you because we believe sharing and understanding such topics will make this world a much better place.

Written by Zodhya

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