Chapter 3: Expectations vs Reality

Published on Aug 9, 2019

It’s normal to expect that when you are starting up, you have high expectations of reaching great heights. Fastest to 1 million subscribers, billion dollar valuation, every news talks about your start-up and many more could be your dreams. On a similar note, were our dreams.

Then, comes the reality. Nobody listens to you unless you do something great. Nobody buys from you unless you sell at a minimal price and so on and so forth. So, there ends all the drama dreaming.

Is it wrong to have such dreams? Isn’t it possible in real life?

When we started making the prototype back in 2017, we could see the enthusiasm of our family and friends. We thought there wouldn’t be an end to this. When we took surveys and customer reviews of the first experience, that was also great. Now comes the actual thing. Nobody was ready to buy. To say it the right way, he wasn’t even signing the cheque at tenth meeting. This was a shock to us. When he liked it, why wouldn’t he buy it?

We had many ups and downs, but I could say more downs in fixing this part. We tried various procedures to see them failing. Then, we collected ourselves and made sure the mistakes were rectified and we try them once again. That was by having a pivot in our product offering. This made things start moving but at slow rates. But then, a startup is all about pace, what about our dreams?

It is always possible, not at the pace you dream or at the pace at which a movie shows you. It requires lots of hard work, various processes to be put up in place, team working collectively. You need to instill confidence in the minds of the customers, investors, upcoming employees and everyone in the surrounding environment that your start-up will grow to great heights. That’s how people take interest in you.

It’s a pleasure to share such information with you because we believe sharing and understanding such topics will make this world a much better place. 


We are Zodhya, a start-up which provides tech to reduce energy bills to commercial buildings and industries. If you are looking to make your spaces efficient and profitable, you can visit our website or contact us by email.

Written by Zodhya

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We are Zodhya, a start-up that provides AI-based tech to reduce energy bills and lower emissions for commercial buildings and industries.