Chapter 5: This too shall pass

Published on May 9, 2020

A very dear friend of mine told me about this phrase during our graduation days. He explained it in such a way that I was so impressed and started applying this in my life (or at least trying to) ever since. People may usually use it while referring to sad or rather negative situations, which isn’t really wrong, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Whatever the situation is, it’s going to pass. A happy one, a sad one, an exciting one, a disappointing one and so on and so forth, everything is going to fade away with time and the only thing that stays is your process of life. Let’s try to talk in terms of business coz after all we are entrepreneurs. Suppose we crack a deal we’ve been wanting to have for so long. We wouldn’t stop there. We’d set up new goals and go ahead. Suppose we don’t crack the deal. Again, we don’t stop with it. We learn our lessons, we find new ways or even new goals and go about it. End of the day it’s always the process that prevails. Beauty is that this can be applied in your personal life as well. With so many entrepreneurs starting at such a young age (including us), it’s really important for us to realize that longevity comes when you’re process-driven and not goal-driven.

The obvious reason why I started writing about this is because of what we’re going through right now. It’s not just you and me but the whole world needs to hear this. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Accept or deny, these are tough times we’re going through. Being locked down indoors for such a long duration, unable to do things you’ve been doing all this while is not really going well with people. Above all this is the degree of uncertainty that’s around us. Our plans, be it professional or personal, are jeopardized. We realize it or not, all of this does have an effect on us. I’m seeing people becoming more vulnerable or reacting in a way that’s not likely of them. I’ve seen myself doing all this. What can we do about this?

At one extreme, some people are picking up new hobbies or revisiting their old ones. There are people who are being productive, learning new things and making the most out of this quarantine. But what if you’re not one of those?

It is okay if your quarantine is not being productive. It is okay if you’re unable to work like you used to. It is okay if your sleep cycle is messed up. It is okay if you’re binge-watching all day and all night. It is okay if you’re doing stupid social media challenges and spamming the timelines. We all are dealing with it in our own ways and it really is okay unless you’re causing harm to someone or your own self. All we can do is to be easy. To be easy on ourselves and with people around us. Right now it is not all about businesses and margins. All we need is a little empathy.

Sooner or later things are going to be normal again. With all the beating we’ve taken during the lockdown, it is going to be a wrecked world out there that we’re going to serve with our businesses. We need to be more organic in our approach rather than forcing ourselves like we always did. When we come out and start working, we gotta remember our lessons and implement them at our workplaces as well. Hygiene is no longer a precaution but a lifestyle.

But the most important thing is to remember your lessons and go ahead with your life. I’m gonna end this on a very clichéd note by saying THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Written by Zodhya

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