How does SaverX work?

Published on Jan 5, 2024

In today’s world, buildings contribute to 37% of global emissions. The majority of these emissions are because of the electricity that is being used. Added to it is the increasing demand, owing to improved digitalization and more equipment becoming electric-oriented.

It is imperative that although we have major shifts in the generation of power from fossil sources to renewable energy, we need our energy usage to be efficient to maintain total energy demand.

We have observed that many companies now have set their net-zero goals. But most of the solutions available in the market report the emissions but do not reduce them. Also, most energy efficiency technology in the market is either capital-intensive or requires infrastructural/ operational changes.

When looking into the energy breakdown of most commercial buildings, we know that HVACs are the highest, consuming 60% of the building's total energy.

At Zodhya, we realised that this could be a major issue for companies operating in large commercial buildings and thus developed SaverX.

SaverX is an AI solution, that reduces the HVAC energy consumption by 30% on average. It can be plugged into any existing control systems (also known as BMS/ BAS / EMS) in most large buildings. It neither intervenes with the thermal setting of the user nor requires any changes in your infrastructure. SaverX minimizes the use of sensors while maximizing the savings.

The SaverX’s AI algorithm uses the concept of the least-energy consumption path, where it understands the least amount of energy required to cool the room without compromising on comfort. The AI is pre-trained for different kinds of buildings and HVAC systems in various climatic conditions making it possible to suggest optimal settings for any given building. The optimal settings suggested by SaverX’s AI vary based on thermal conditions inside and outside the building, the energy load on the HVAC system, and the operational efficiency of the HVAC system.

Meaning, it computes various combinations(more than 2500 combinations) of HVAC parameter settings and suggests the parameter setting that would help in the least energy consumption. This computation happens spontaneously and settings are suggested every 15 minutes.

The other good thing with SaverX AI is that it is a self-learning algorithm, meaning it can adapt to changing building conditions and still result in considerable savings.

In short, SaverX is a plug-in and an AI solution, that doesn't replace humans but makes our work better, isn't it?

Written by Zodhya

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