How easy is it to install Soul?

Published on Jan 11, 2024

Soul, an IoT dashboard supported with hardware, reduces downtime by 30% and brings down production costs in electricity by 5–10%. Soul keeps track of all key electrical parameters of the machine on a minute-to-minute basis and the ML behind will identify any power inefficiencies or operational efficiencies.

One might think even smart meters do the same job, how is Soul different from any other smart meter?

When you think about smart meters, let alone usual energy meters, during installation, there are wires, wires and more wires.

That is because most of these systems operate on RS 485 communication to enable physical communication between your monitor and the location.

Now imagine having this installed while trying to track multiple equipment. It might end up with a huge amount of wires lying around, making it practically impossible to operate. Then how do we solve this problem?

With everything around us becoming smart, wireless and operated on mobile, we realized a similar thing can be replicated for electrical supply and usage. Having such a system also allows for easier implementation for areas/ equipment where smart metering can be time-consuming or where the existing wiring is complex.

Hence we came up with Soul, which enables you to have access to energy data at the ease of your fingertips. Soul doesn’t require SCADA, RS 485, no dedicated monitors and is easy to deploy at any unmetered locations as well, making it a true plug-and-play product.

Here are a few pictures of the Soul installation from one of our client's site

And it doesn't end here. Having the data at your fingertips will of course be helpful but will it not be even better if we could analyze it for you too? As Zodhya developed its own cloud communication infrastructure, it made it easy for us to not just track the data but also analyze it using our in-house developed ML algorithms.

The ML analyzes the data and identifies any electrical or operational inefficiencies happening. These inefficiencies will be regularly reported in the form of automated reports along with actionable insights to fix them, in turn reducing your downtime and energy costs for production.


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