How SaverX helped a large commercial building reduce their HVAC costs?

Published on Apr 5, 2024

You must be aware that buildings emit CO2, right? Emissions is probably the most relevant term in today’s world. Studies have shown that almost 37% of global emissions are from buildings. When you dig a little deeper into the consumption pattern in commercial buildings, 50-70% of it is contributed by HVAC/heating/cooling systems. Even though there is a huge scope for savings and thereby emission reduction, market research showed that most energy efficiency technology in the market is either capital-intensive or requires infrastructural/ operational changes. That’s when we came up with SaverX. A product that will not only cater to the larger need for emissions reduction but also do it in a user-convenient way.

SaverX is an AI solution that reduces HVAC energy consumption, on average by 30% (more about HVAC here). The best part is that SaverX can integrate seamlessly with any of the BMS systems or control systems that large commercial buildings today usually have. Neither does it intervene with the user-set conditions, nor does it require any infrastructure changes. In short, SaverX finds the least energy consumption path without compromising on cooling comfort.

But with all the advanced electrical and mechanical systems, how is SaverX still being able to save a considerable amount of consumption? This is where our AI comes into play.

While the electrical and mechanical settings provide a strong foundation for optimized consumption, our AI offers an additional layer of intelligence and adaptability. In simple terms, it understands the least amount of energy required to cool the room without compromising on comfort. 

What is special about Zodhya’s AI?

The AI is pre-trained for different kinds of buildings and HVAC systems in various climatic conditions, making it possible to suggest optimal settings for any given building.

As it is a self-learning algorithm, it adapts to any new changes in the infra and the savings are enhanced over time. And the best thing is savings start from Day 1.

All of this sounds good, but is there a real-life example to show the savings? 


Here’s a case study from one of our clients to understand better:

This was an IT park located in one of the Tier 1 cities in India. Spread over 450,000 sq.ft with a total HVAC capacity of 1861 TR. SaverX was deployed for a month to start with, to showcase savings. 

Below is a graph showing energy consumption data with and without SaverX for 1 week

SaverX was able to save 51,853 electrical units in the given month, or in monetary terms INR 4,96,000 (USD 5945) per month.

In terms of Scope 2 emissions, their emissions were reduced by 36,816 kg CO2.


Please do visit us on the website for more information and maybe tell your friends about it too. It will go a long way in keeping our energy and environment managed better.

Written by Zodhya

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