Made in India, for the World - Chapter 1

Published on Jun 22, 2024

We take great pride in the fact that every innovation at Zodhya is truly and completely “Made in India, For the World”. As we are trying to contribute in our own way to put India on the global market in terms of technology, in this new series of blogs, we talk about the journey which has been no less than a roller coaster ride.

Studying at an elite educational institution like IIT Madras, we had exposure to advanced technologies around the world. But what caught our attention is the fact that not a lot of this technology is being developed in India. After pondering this thought for a while, we thought why shouldn’t we do it ourselves? And hence, we started our first step in Zodhya with our goal being to develop technology to make our day-to-day lives better.

Making day-to-day lives better

That was a very elaborate goal and there are thousands of ways you can do it, right? While we were doing our research and trying to define a problem statement, we realized that energy is a crucial and ever-relevant topic in the modern world. It is one of the critical pillars on which modern society runs. Pick any sector, any business, and all of it requires some form of energy to run them. In fact, it is a widely proven fact that GDP of a country and Energy demand are correlated.

Done, we’re gonna solve an issue in the energy sector. But what exactly in this sector? There were various issues that were present at multiple layers like generation, distribution and usage of energy. Not only that, it is also directly related to global emissions. While we were trying to figure out the nitty gritty around this, and trying out different kinds of solutions, we came across this stat that really intrigued us.


One-third of the global emissions are caused by commercial buildings. 


But how is that even possible? Buildings don’t emit CO2 or other greenhouse gases like how factories do, right? Wrong! Buildings do emit CO2 into the atmosphere. You can read more about that in this blog.

So we decided this is where we want to pitch in with our technology. We wanted to come up with a technology that would reduce the energy consumption in these commercial buildings and have a positive impact on our environment. But where can we reduce our energy consumption? We thought maybe lighting but that is already being taken care of by LEDs. Also, lighting contributes to only 10-15% of consumption in a commercial building. Then what is that equipment that would result in the highest consumption? Any guesses?


Well, the answer to that and more will be revealed in the next chapter. If you've liked it, keep following us for more such content :)

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