The truth about power savers sold on Amazon / e-comm platform

Published on Jan 7, 2023

Ever seen a gadget named “Power Saver” sold on Amazon?

We have by now realised that many things sold on e-commerce websites come with a caveat. They may not work or look the same as in the picture, let alone meet our expectations. Many of us have been on the wrong end a few times we ordered a product.

One such product making waves in the e-commerce website is the product named “Power Saver”

These products claim that they save anywhere between 15–70% of your energy bills and cost not more than INR 2000/- A very tempting offer, isn’t it?

This time, we wanted to make our readers aware of the disadvantages it has.


So, how do these devices work?

They usually rectify the power factor or protect from any power jerk or fluctuation, similar to the inverter with the old-age refrigerators and ACs we had.

By the way, what is the Power Factor (PF)?

Equipment such as AC motors, furnaces, fluorescent/ decorative lighting, refrigerators and air conditioning, which are a major portion of the power consumed in households/buildings/industries, can cause a poor power factor. Such loads usually come under inductive loads. Unlike resistive loads that create heat by consuming kilowatts, inductive loads require the current to create a magnetic field, and the magnetic field produces the desired work. The more inductive loads you have on your network, the more likely it is that you will have a poor power factor. A simple check on your electricity bill will tell you your power factor. If PF is below 0.95, then you need to take action now.

More about Power Factor here

Now, how do we know if the power saver being sold is legit?

If the specifications talk about compensating power factor and high-frequency wave, protecting from the power/current fluctuations or improving the power factor it is always best to avoid such products if you want to save energy.

These products are an extension of the capacitors we used to have in our supply in the old days. Or a shorter version of the inverters we used to have with our ACs or refrigerators.

Also, it is important to check the certifications for any electronic product and what they are certified for.

How is Zodhya’s product different?

Our product is very different from such devices because our devices analyse the power consumption of appliances using AI and then a control circuit acts so as to get the only required power consumption.

Also, our devices work on a sophisticated self-learning algorithm which understands the user behaviour and conditions to consume the least possible energy.

Written by Zodhya

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