What is EPI?

Published on Sep 30, 2023

This term may not have been heard by most people reading this blog unless you are aware of the latest Energy Conservation law.

EPI stands for Energy Performance Index. In short, it lets you know how your office/ outlet/ any commercial space is performing in terms of energy consumption with respect to a set standard. These standards are set by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) standards.

How is EPI calculated?

EPI Ratio

This ratio compares the EPI of the given to that of a standard building.

If the ratio is less than or equal to 1, then the building is faring well when compared to the ECBC standards. If greater than 1, then certain actions which drive lower energy consumption need to be taken.

They might include identifying inefficient energy hotspots, appliances which are being used more than needed, abnormal wiring/ equipment issues that could lead to higher amounts of energy consumption and so on.

How our platform showcases it

Screenshot from our IoT platform — Soul

One of the features of the Soul product which we provide to our clients is the EPI ratio, as showcased in the above picture. In this platform, you get a list of all your buildings/ spaces/ zones and how they are performing with respect to the standard in the EPI column. It quickly gives you an idea of where things are wrong and you can address them accordingly.

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