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Published on Jun 1, 2024

Today, most industries lose up to 110 hours of downtime per month and face an additional 15-20% increase in electricity production costs, largely due to the complexity of energy system understanding and the lack of digitalisation.


Some companies are handling these challenges by adopting smart meters and IoT dashboard-driven solutions, extensively relying on the use of sensors. Does this resolve the issue? Not completely.


From our interactions with clients, these are the problems we’ve identified with the existing systems:


1. Installing smart meters often involves messy wiring. Its usage is also limited to specific locations/ equipment and can’t be placed at all locations

2. Sensor deployment is capital-intensive and may require infrastructure modifications.

3. Dashboards get overwhelmed with data, making it difficult to comprehend information.

4. In fact, we‘ve seen few clients, with a countrywide presence, hiring a dedicated analytics team to interpret sensor-collected data.


So, what sets Soul apart?


In response to market demands, we meticulously developed Soul. This hardware solution can be installed in under thirty minutes, requires minimal wiring, and is compatible with any machinery or equipment zone. (Learn more about Soul’s quick installation here). It facilitates hassle-free wireless communication via a 4G network, eliminating the need for RS 485 or SCADA. The dashboard boasts an optimised design, presenting key electrical parameters.


But that's not all.


Soul transcends mere analytics. Recognising the need for more than real-time tracking, we introduced a special feature: Actionable Insights.


The machine learning algorithm embedded within Soul analyses all collected data, highlighting anomalies and observations in a comprehensive report alongside recommended actions for resolution. Automated reports with actionable insights!


Here’s a snapshot of one such report



As you can see from the image above, each anomaly is listed with corresponding reasons, required action, and financial benefits as well. These points are further classified into High, Medium, and Low impact for easier prioritisation. This way of reporting turned out to be highly beneficial for our clients. A lot of them couldn’t spare time to view the dashboard regularly. In such cases, they just have to go through these reports every month to get an exclusive summary along with action points to make their location more efficient in terms of energy consumption.


One might argue that once these issues are solved, what would be the need for Soul? You need to understand that power consumption and its inefficiencies are a continuous process and Soul is a tool that always puts you on the top of the game in predictive maintenance, resulting in reduced energy losses by 15-20% and downtime reduction by 30 hrs/ month.

Written by Zodhya

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